Meet Lisa Munn

Lisa Munn was born and raised in Fair Oaks, CA, a small community just outside of Sacramento. Growing up as the youngest of three sisters contributed to her chaotic yet positive perspective on life’s never-ending obstacles. The mom of four boys, her household is never short of loud and disorderly behavior, much of which is described within her tweets and memes. Lisa enjoys waking up early and having her morning coffee in peace before the adventures begin. When not bussing her kids around or managing her social media platforms, you can find her binge-watching her favorite shows or escaping to Las Vegas with her husband for the weekend!

About Sarcastic Mommy

Lisa created Sarcastic Mommy in 2014 via a Twitter account using the twitter handle @sarcasticmommy4. Realizing her four boys gave her endless tweet material, she decided to document moments creating sarcastic, humorous tweets. What began as a place to share funny stories and commiserate with other parents quickly turned into something else. She began to realize that her sarcasm and humor was resonating greatly with her followers. Her Twitter account began to grow quite rapidly right before her eyes! Sarcastic Mommy went beyond the Twitter pages. She found herself and her tweets making appearances on many Huffington Post sites, Buzzfeed, The Today Show, Nickmom & many other social media outlets. She was also published in several books! She then created Facebook and Instagram pages that have become quite popular. Today, Sarcastic Mommy has become a place to not only find humor, but a resource for parents of various backgrounds and upbringings to help navigate the obstacles of  motherhood. You are not alone!