The PB&J That's Changing The World: KRAM is Here to Enter Lunchboxes Everywhere

KRAM Nutrition's PB&J is here to change the world 

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This isn’t your mother’s PB&J. 

In fact, this isn‘t anything like you’ve seen before. But it’s here to stay, and likely to end up in your kids’ lunchbox shortly. 

KRAM Nutrition, a small company founded and based in Sacramento, CA, has created the healthiest and most organic PB&J known to man. And, believe me, that isn’t me being facetious.

This thing is the real deal. 

The company has found a way to create a sandwich with all fruit jelly, no added sugar, sprouted whole wheat, and even electrolytes. It’s definitely not a Smucker’s sandwich, and it’s not one you can put together in your home either (unless you own a literal farm). 

The mission was simple: to set out and provide people with the healthiest possible alternative to the world’s most popular sandwich. And though these are already skyrocketing in popularity with athletes thanks to a partnership with UFC fighter Michael Chandler, they’re perfect for kids as well. 

Mother and son duo Ruth Moretton and Austin Fortier are the founders of KRAM. High ambitions and a genuine passion for healthier lifestyles have launched them into the spotlight. 

"Health and wellness are our top priorities, as well as preservation of the planet," said Fortier.

And though they’ve made it into stores across the country and have landed a few celebrity partnerships, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. 

KRAM was forced to relocate kitchens after a tree had fallen onto the manufacturing facility, along with the ongoing threats of California wildfires that had surrounded the site. Throw in the constant impact of the Sierra snow, it proved to be a less than ideal workspace to keep up with the production. 

However, Fortier and Moretton remain focused and optimistic in their mission. 

“KRAM was born out of our family passion for health, wellness, and wanting to make impactful changes to our food system, whether that be through our sandwiches or just through education on our platforms."

The future lunchbox fillers are an amazing healthy alternative for children, whether they’re in sports or not.

“THE OG” is the company’s regular version, while “THE BEAST” has added whey protein for those that need the extra boost. They come in both strawberry and blackberry flavors, which is nice if you have picky eaters like we do in our household. 

So what does all of this add up to? The trailblazers aren't hoping to challenge others in an existing market, they're here to create one of their own.

Whether KRAM can compete with the likes of other name brands isn't the question in mind, it's whether others are willing to keep up.

Fortier's final comment sums it up perfectly.

"We want to change the food industry."

And so far, they've done exactly that.

KRAM PB&J’s can be found in Sprouts nationwide, at Central Market, Erewhon, Amazon and of course, on their website. 

Use code Moms15 for 15% off your online order, which can be placed here.