My Wife Insists on Talking to My Crazy Family After I Told Her to Stop

A father who forbids his own sister from meeting his child has taken to Reddit to ask users if he is in the wrong for telling his wife to "butt out" of the situation.

The 28-year-old dad asked fellow Reddit users if he was the ******* for telling his wife to stay out of the conversation. Although the sister is his only sibling, he has not spoken to her since his wedding four years ago. He does not want his sister to meet their two-year-old son.

His wife knew he had no relationship with his sister when they married. Although his sister has two kids with her own husband, this Redditor has no desire to allow a connection between his child and his child's cousins. This subject has recently been causing a serious argument between the Redditor and his wife.

The father explains that he grew up in a traditional family until his mom cheated with a coworker during his senior year of high school. His dad immediately left, and he chose to go with him. His sister took his mom's side and stayed with mom. The sister felt that he and his father were wrong to stop speaking to their mother.

The parents eventually stopped speaking to each other entirely, and he refused to allow his mom a place in his life. The mother was not invited to his wedding. He invited his sister out of courtesy, and she didn't show up. They have yet to speak since. He told his wife before they married that his father and his cousins were the only family he had, and she seemed okay with it.

A few months ago, however, the sister's husband called his wife. He wanted to mend the bridge and allow the kids to meet each other. The Reddit user said no. His sister began to send pictures back and forth with his wife, but he told her that this made him uncomfortable.

She responded that she could send pictures to whoever she wanted. The Redditor then told her that if she continues to disrespect his wishes, she would be a single parent really soon. She insists that it's wrong to deprive their son of his family.

The dad argued that he doesn't even have a relationship with his family, so why should his two-year-old son? He also pointed out that any pictures sent to the sister could be forwarded to his mother and he did not want that. His wife then began to argue that he should also allow his mother back into his life.

The Reddit dad now feels that his wife is totally disrespecting his boundaries and stepping into his family relationship when she has no business doing so. He has spoken with his father about the situation, and his father agrees with him and feels that he should start saving money and making a plan to leave. He thinks that his wife is acting the same way that his mother used to act, and he believes that he should not ignore the red flags that this situation is throwing up.

Many Reddit users agree that the boundaries of his family's relationship were set early on in their marriage and that his wife is wrong for pushing boundaries that he has asked her to respect. While some feel that this could cause a divorce, others think that they should be able to meet in the middle.

One user also pointed out that if they do divorce, his wife would then be free to take his kids to see his family anytime she wanted to. Another user argued that he could get a restraining order to keep his family away from his child. I'm sure that would depend on the laws wherever they are living.

What do you think? Should he divorce his wife if she refuses to stop? Or should he allow his sister to meet his son? Is his father's influence helping to drive the situation further? Or is his father right to tell him to leave? Give us your answer in the comments!