Screw You Daylight Savings- Sincerely, Parents

As parents, DST STINKS

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Screw you, daylight savings.  

      ⁃       Signed, parents.

If you’re like me, you are now gearing up for what will be the longest morning of the year this coming Sunday.

Oh, but it’s not just one day.

This will last for weeks, maybe even longer, if your child doesn’t adapt quickly to the time change. And the only thing this means is waking up earlier until everyone (even the dog) can adjust to this never-ending charade.

But it isn’t never-ending, as much as it seems like it. This is the last godforsaken year we will be doing this, according to those in Washington (I won’t hold my breath). I’d like to think that this is one thing that everyone can agree on.

If you’re lucky, this will only be a one to two day formality. But I’d like to vent a little about how it SUCKS that it will now be getting dark at 5PM. Those of us leaving work at that hour will not see a glimpse of sunlight throughout the day, and the overall vibe shifts drastically towards depressive. The impending draconian feelings of helplessness and darkness will takeover as I slip into the abyss of my next mental health episode.

Of course, I’m being facetious. It’s going to suck, but not THAT much. I’m just sick of the change, and I’m looking forward to springing forward one last time to extend any daylight I’m able to get.

However, we still have one last hoorah to get through, and if anyone has any tips on how to adjust quickly with young children and pets, please feel free to share them.