Should You Give Your Mother In Law a Login to Your Baby Monitor?

A mother-in-law pushes boundaries in Reddit's latest thread

A reddit post under r/parenting has caught the attention of users, bringing up debates centered around boundaries.

The mother has a 14-month old son and is expecting another child in March. She explains that the mother-in-law is very involved with her son; she is their go-to baby sitter and she does a great job with him.

While the relationship between the mother and her MIL can be tough, she knows that overall, her son is blessed to have such a close relationship with his grandmother. Usually, she stays in her lane as far as going along with the decisions the parents make, voicing disagreements but ultimately complying.

However, a baby monitor is making things a bit more complicated.

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She explains, "Recently we purchased a new baby monitor camera with two cameras so we can keep an eye on both boys. It is a simple vTech one you can log into on your phone. My MIL is insisting she needs the login just so she can see the boys when they are not at her house. I know her intentions are good but honestly it weirds me out. My husband thinks it’s fine and I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill?"

Several users have chimed in, siding with her.

One user states, "Nope. Or request she set up a monitor in her livingroom, so you can keep an eye on her incase she falls down or something!"

Another one goes on to say, "Assuming you will be nursery rocking and feeding/ nursing new baby that’s really intrusive and creepy not knowing when someone is watching you. Ask SO how he would feel if someone was watching him and he didn’t know when. Might point out security risk having more people out of home viewing which may not be true but MIL doesn’t need to have that information."

u/FoolStack simply says, "A friendly reminder for OP and all who need this reminder this fine fine Sunday: "No." is a complete sentence."

What are your thoughts? Is the mother-in-law stepping on boundaries? Let us know with a comment?