The 6 Best Kids Shows on Netflix (That Parents Will Enjoy Too!)

The best children shows on Netflix, with your viewership factored in as well!

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If you’re looking for the best kids’ shows on Netflix right now, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve taken some time to review a few new titles and brought you some of my favorites. Whether your child is into longer shows or has an attention span that only allows for short, animated clips, I’ve included something for them and added a few that parents will enjoy also!

Family Fun TV Shows

1 - Phantom Pups

This Canadian series made the top of my list because it is so adorable and would be fun for kids of all ages (yes, you, too, Mom and Dad.) It tells the typical “child moves into house, house is haunted” story with a twist, it’s haunted by puppies!

Phantom Pups has hints of several favorites, such as Casper with its cutesy ghosts, Locke and Key with its house of mystery, and even Ghostbusters, with a boy using a vacuum cleaner strapped on his back to suck away ghosts.

There are ten episodes of Phantom Pups, and while it is a fun and exciting show, some parents may want to be aware that there is a séance room in the mysterious mansion and that the show deals with a child being turned into a ghost and working to figure out how to be turned back human. It is in the Netflix Top 10 for Kids today.

2 - Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous is a cartoon series based on the Jurassic Park films and books. In this show, a group of six teenagers are invited on a new camping adventure at Isla Nublar, where a park of dinosaurs has been established.

Darius considers himself lucky “after waiting his whole life to see dinosaurs” when he wins this trip with the five other kids. But, of course, the kids do what kids do and sneak into parts of the park where they aren’t supposed to go.

Darius must lead the group through storms, giant reptiles, and all sorts of dangers. They take exciting rides in Gyrospheres, hide out underground and in a genetics lab, and discover a mystery surrounding Doctor Wu. They miss their trip off the island and must work together to survive.

And that’s all just in the first season! This show has five seasons that would be fun for everyone in the family. Parents should determine if the dinosaur chase scenes would be too scary for their child.

3 - A Series of Unfortunate Events

A branch off of the “Lemony Snickett’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events” tree, this series features fantasy and adventure that will thrill both parents and older kids alike. It is witty and offbeat but can sometimes be a little dark for younger kids.

Parents may remember the original film, or perhaps you’ve even read the book. If so, you know that the story starts with two kids and a baby losing their parents to a horrific fire. The show doesn’t depict the fire, but the kids are told about it by an estate handler.

They must move in with an eccentric distant relative, Count Olaf, who’s both mysterious and spooky, and on to other adult guardians who do not seem to have the kids’ best interest at heart.

The teens, Klaus, Violet, and baby Sunny, experience their “series of unfortunate events” while living in this relative’s care in a creepy old house and with these other adults. There are mysteries and puzzles to solve, dark humor to laugh at, and spine-tinglingly devious plots to unravel. The worst violence depicted is a slap to Klaus by Count Olaf and name-calling such as “brat.”

With all the charm and thrill of an Adams family movie, this show isn’t necessarily for everyone. It is a must-see for those who enjoy that sort of comically dark banter!

4 – Rosie’s Rules

If you’re looking for a terrific multicultural show for smaller kids, Rosie’s Rules is perfect. It is an animated series aimed at preschool-aged children and features both English and Spanish. Still, it is primarily written in the English language, a bit like ‘Dora the Explorer.’

Rosie’s Rules helps teach small children topics such as empathy, problem-solving, and paying attention to their parents and other adults. Family dynamics and cultures of Mexico have been included, as well as some simple life experiences such as how to send a letter through the mail.

5 – The Magic School Bus

Yes, parents, Ms. Frizzle and ‘The Magic School Bus you remember from 1997 is on Netflix! There are thirteen episodes of adventure as Ms. Frizzle takes kids on various trips through the human body, into an anthill, out in space, and even underneath the ocean.

Your kids will enjoy learning all about topics such as the digestive system, stars and planets, natural habitats, animals of the desert, physics, gardening, and how white blood cells fight off foreign bodies (eeks, the kids in the bus ARE the foreign body!).

It can be fun for the entire family, and there is no reason for any sort of restriction with this series. While kids can experience the fun of learning, parents can enjoy a taste of nostalgia with this series.

6 – Trash Truck

This is another great show for younger children. It features a six-year-old named Hank who goes on adventures with his friend, a trash truck reminiscent of Tow Mater, and their animal friends.

Life events such as show and tell at school, dance recitals, hiccups, pranks, and such are depicted in this fun series. In one episode, Trash Truck finds a toad that has lost his family, and he helps his new friend find the way home.

In another episode, Hank loses his voice, and his adorable friends go all around the town collecting sounds in a tin can so that they can help him have a new voice. With adventures led by a lizard in a pretend prehistoric world and a fight over a brand-new phone, this show teaches valuable lessons to smaller kids.

It is an excellent series for children with shorter attention spans since each episode is only around 12 minutes long. It has three seasons and a more extended 28-minute Christmas special.

Other Great Choices

There are so many terrific kids’ shows on Netflix that I can’t possibly name and describe them all here. I did want to add a few titles for different age groups.

Younger Kids With Shorter Attention Spans

For kids who simply cannot sit through an entire 30-minute or hour-long episode, there are quite a few shorter shows like Trash Truck.

Rhyme Time Town Singalong is an adorable trip with the animals and friends as they sing and problem-solve. These clips are about 12 minutes long.

Word Party helps teach kids words as they sing along with Bailey, Kip, Franny, and other cute animals. Each episode is about 14 minutes long.

Number Blocks is a great show that teaches kids all about numbers and math in a place called Numberland. These brightly-colored blocks sing and work together to keep your child’s attention. Each episode is only 5 minutes long.

Up to Ten Years Old

For kids up to 10 years old, there are a number of interesting Netflix shows.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Another series that is sure to bring back nostalgia in parents, this is much like the original Scooby Doo. It features the adventures of Shaggy, Scooby, Thelma, Daphne, and Fred as they travel around solving mysteries.

DC Super Hero Girls is a terrific DC comics series showcasing girl power while entertaining kids.

You might also let your kids ten and under watch Teen Titans Go! and The Boss Baby.

Twelve Years and Over

Raising Dion focuses on the struggles that a single mom faces while trying to raise her second grader. It becomes even more interesting once she realizes that her kid has incredible superpowers that she must try to hide. It is a great TV for the entire family.

The Baby-Sitters Club tells of a girl who was bullied in 6th grade and diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and has moved on to7th grade. She is trying to make the most of life as a tween girl. She starts a babysitting business with her friends and faces life lessons. It has topics such as being a team leader, budding romance, secrets, painful pasts, and more.

You might also allow your kids 12 and older to watch Carmen Sandiego, Alexa and Katie, and My Perfect Landing.


That’s my list of awesome Netflix Shows that your kids can watch this week on Netflix. Of course, many are excellent choices for the entire family and would be a good way for you to spend quality time with the kiddos.

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