This Company Charges $57,000 to Bury you Alive (And We're not Joking)

This company in Russia will give you your own funeral...for $57k

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A company in Russia is offering customers the chance to experience what it feels like to be buried alive. For 3.5 million rubles, or roughly $57,000, you can not only be entombed beneath the earth while you’re still breathing but attend your own funeral. Any takers?

If I know my friends, you’re probably about as interested in doing this as I am, and I wouldn’t do it if they paid ME the $57,000. In fact, even my most morbid readers are probably shaking their heads right now at the thought and asking, “Why would anyone want to be buried alive, much less pay someone for it?”

According to the company’s founder, Yakaterina Preobrazhenskaya, one purpose of such a venture would be to discover talents such as psychic abilities. Some people believe that a near-death experience can trigger psychic abilities to activate.

(Please note that I do NOT encourage any dangerous activity which could bring a person near death to trigger psychic talents, or for any other reason. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)

Yakaterina also promises that there is help available for clients after the funerals, to help them deal with any residual anxiety and fear from the experience. In an Instagram post, she insists that being buried alive is a “true symbol of fighting for yourself and your own happy future.”

So, what’s holding you back? Is the price tag too steep? No worries, if you’re just “dying” to go to your own funeral but find $57,000 a bit out of your price range, this company offers two packages.

For just $15,000, you can attend your own funeral online. This one is reportedly billed as a sort of “stress therapy” for those with “fears and anxieties.”

The $57,000 total package deal is known as the “full immersion funeral,” where you will attend your funeral as a complete religious ceremony. In the end, you are buried alive for up to an hour.

This service is meant to “renew your desire to live.” If I give you my honest opinion, it’s my desire to live that keeps me from having any aspiration of being buried alive. I also have no yearning to attend an online funeral, but if I did, I am pretty sure my friends and I could put on quite a lavish show for much less than $15,000.

But… to each their own.

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