Unexpected Danger: Walkie-Talkie Spooks Mom and Son

Kelly Medina Enos, a UK media personality and mother of two, recently shared a startling experience involving a toy she purchased for her son George, aged 4. According to Enos, while her son was asleep, she overheard a strange voice that seemed to emanate from a walkie-talkie she had bought on Amazon. Initially mistaking the voice for someone outside her home, she soon realized it was coming from the toy.

In a TikTok video, which has since garnered over 871,800 views, Enos expressed her alarm and concern, explaining how a "fully-grown man" was communicating through the walkie-talkie, attempting to engage with her or her son. Disturbed by the incident, she immediately disposed of the walkie-talkie and advised her followers to be cautious, highlighting the potential risks of seemingly innocuous toys. You can watch the video here:


Basically they aren’t a safe childs toy IMO. Im so sorry again that I didnt make myself more aware of the risks that come with them. I hope you understand that if im using something with my own child you can trust that I believed it was safe. If this educates more people then im happy. Love you guys. 🤍

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Enos also apologized for previously promoting the toy on her TikTok, stressing that her endorsements are based on her belief in a product's safety. Her video aimed to educate others about these hidden dangers, expressing hope that her experience could prevent similar incidents. Some tiktokers chimed in with their experiences: "Happened to me with my little one as well! Grown man came through saying I'm under the bed! Absolutely terrified me!" one replied. Another said, "OMG! This happened to us last week! Our son has Jurassic Park walkie talkies and we could hear two people having a conversation!"

This incident resonates with broader safety concerns highlighted by a 2023 report from the US PIRG Education Fund. The report warns against toys that could compromise children's privacy by recording voices, images, and other personal data, emphasizing the stealthy integration of technology in children's playthings.