Haircut Horror: Mom Outraged Over MIL's Decision to Cut Daughter's Hair Without Consent

A mother is devastated after her mother-in-law cut her 15-month-old daughter's hair without consent.

Reddit is buzzing with another controversial parenting issue, and this one hits a little close to home for one mom.

u/wandervibe took to the platform to express her immense frustration with her mother-in-law, who happened to give her 15-month-old daughter her first-ever haircut unexpectedly.

"I can't stop crying. My daughter looks exactly like her father which is already a little painful. People can not stop commenting on it", she said in the post.

She continues, "She gets her brown eyes and curls at the nape of her neck from me. Now the curls are gone. I had imagined I'd take her for her first cut sometime long in the future. I'm just really sad about this and unsure if I'm overreacting?"

The story has led to an all-important conversation about boundaries, and yet again, we find ourselves dealing with another set of inlaws. Reddit has been on FIRE lately with the inlaw posts, but this one might be taking the cake.

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First haircuts are a significant milestone for children and parents alike, and to be denied that experience stings a little more than we would reason it should. It's a big deal to us, ok! Something "little" like this leads to more significant issues down the road and might be a warning sign that boundaries will not be respected but instead challenged.

Commenters were quick to back the OP (original poster) and even mentioned the legality of the situation.

Wait, there's a law against cutting hair? Yep!

"Cutting someone's hair without permission is actually a crime in the US. That's how seriously society agrees hair is to bodily autonomy. Absolutely no unsupervised time with that grandma anymore", one commenter said.

Another user commented, "What in THE HELL was MIL thinking? I wouldn't be devastated; I'd be PISSED! This would probably be a hill I would die on. She had no right nor permission."

I think we can all be in agreement that the MIL was WAY out of line here. Even if the intentions were good, taking away a milestone like this is grounds for a serious conversation, which the OP plans to have.

"I didn't expect this sort of response. Thank you for the support! I'm planning to talk with her today, with my husband! I plan to explain how her actions made me feel and request that all mile stones be left to our (verbal) discretion", she said to end her post.

What do you think of this incident? Are inlaws impeding more than usual on boundaries?

It seems there's been an uptick in inlaw incidents, but maybe I'm biased. Regardless, this one will be a bit tougher to get over.

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