Mom Arrested for Leaving Kids Home Alone to Go On Week-Long Cruise

A mother from Texas faced arrest after she reportedly left her young children alone at home while she went on a cruise. The incident occurred when 29-year-old Lakesha Woods Williams left her 8-year-old and 6-year-old unattended in their Houston high-rise apartment for almost a week. She was charged with two counts of child endangerment, according to officials from Harris County Constable- Precinct 5.

Williams embarked on her solo vacation on April 4 and returned late on April 10. She was taken into custody the next day. Neighbors, growing increasingly concerned for the children's well-being, alerted the authorities after noticing Williams had left with her luggage and did not return for several days.

When deputies entered the apartment on April 9, they discovered the children in a chaotic environment, surrounded by trash and food on the floor, and a strong urine odor. The apartment was described as being in "complete disarray."

The children informed the deputies that their mother had gone on a cruise and had been in touch with them through a camera set up in the apartment and text messages sent to the older child. Following the discovery, the children were examined by paramedics and Child Protective Services and subsequently placed in the care of their aunt.

Local residents mentioned that this wasn't the first time the children had been left without adult supervision. Constable Ted Heap commented on the ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident but emphasized the priority was the safety of the children and holding those responsible accountable.

Williams is currently held in Harris County Jail with her bond set at $40,000.