Should Boyfriend Be Expected to Foot Entire Birthday Dinner Bill?

In a recent Reddit post, a 24-year-old man sought advice on whether he was in the wrong for breaking up with his girlfriend after she expected him to foot the bill for everyone on her birthday. The post begins with the man explaining that he had booked a table at a nice restaurant for his girlfriend's 24th birthday celebration, inviting four of her friends to join them. It's important to note that the man earns significantly more than his girlfriend and covers the rent and utilities for their apartment, while she takes care of household expenses like groceries.

During the meal, the man noticed that his girlfriend and her friends ordered some of the most expensive items on the menu. Assuming that he would only be responsible for his and his girlfriend's portion of the bill, he didn't think much of it. However, when the bill arrived, the waiter asked if he would like to split it, and he agreed. He made it clear that he would cover his and his girlfriend's portion, while the rest should be divided among her friends. The bill amounted to around 1100 Euros.

To his surprise, the smiles on their faces quickly faded when he made this statement. In the end, he paid for his and his girlfriend's meals, while her friends paid for theirs. On the car ride home, the atmosphere was tense, and despite the man's attempts to find out what was wrong, his girlfriend remained silent.

This silent treatment continued for a week, with the man repeatedly asking his girlfriend about the issue, but she refused to discuss it. Eventually, he confronted her, and she revealed that she felt embarrassed in front of her friends because he didn't pay for everyone. She argued that as the one who organized the celebration and being "the man," it was his responsibility to cover the expenses.

This led to a heated argument, and the man decided to stay at his parents' house for a few days to gather his thoughts. Upon his return, his girlfriend's attitude hadn't changed. When he confronted her again, she demanded that he transfer the money her friends had paid for their meals before she would even consider talking to him. Another argument ensued, resulting in the man breaking up with her and asking her to pack her things.

As he reflects on the situation, the man admits to almost immediately regretting his decision. He acknowledges that in the grand scheme of things, this may seem like a small issue. His girlfriend apologized for her hurtful words but insisted that he repay her friends if he wanted to salvage their relationship. Now, he finds himself torn between his love for her and the concerns he has about her behavior over the past two weeks.

The man wonders if he overreacted and if he should apologize and send the money to her friends to save their relationship. Despite his initial reaction, he doesn't want to throw away four years with someone he envisioned as the future mother of his children.

In conclusion, the man seeks opinions on whether he is the AITA (Asshole in this situation) and whether he should apologize and repay her friends. The Reddit post has received a significant amount of engagement, with users offering a range of perspectives and advice on how to handle the situation. Ultimately, the decision lies with the man, and he must weigh his feelings, values, and the dynamics of his relationship to determine the best course of action.