Alyssa Milano Faces Backlash for Seeking Donations to Fund Son's Baseball Team Trip

Actress Alyssa Milano has recently been facing backlash after requesting donations to finance a trip for her son's baseball team. Milano, known for her roles in "Who's the Boss?" and "Charmed," explained that she couldn't afford to cover all the expenses herself.

Taking to Instagram, Milano defended her decision, stating that many parents raise money for their children's sports teams through platforms like GoFundMe. She expressed her desire to pay for the entire team's travel, accommodation, uniforms, and other expenses but admitted that she simply couldn't afford it. Milano acknowledged that she might be able to do so someday, but for now, she turned to the community for support.

Unfortunately, the criticism Milano faced didn't stop at her. The negativity spread to her 12-year-old son's social media accounts, where an Instagram troll attacked her, calling her selfish. In response, her son passionately defended his mother, proclaiming her as the greatest human being and emphasizing her selflessness.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Milano via HuffPost

Milano expressed her disappointment at the trolls targeting her son and urged people to leave the kids alone and let them enjoy playing baseball. She emphasized that if people were against donating, they should simply choose not to donate, but if they wanted to help the team's families, their support would be appreciated.

While Alyssa Milano's decision to seek donations for her son's baseball team has generated backlash, she remains steadfast in her belief that community support and fundraising are essential for youth sports.

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