Candy & Cabernet: How Lollipops and Wine Kept a Stranded Woman Alive for 5 Days

Discover the incredible story of Lilian, who endured 5 days stranded in the Australian wilderness, using only wine and lollipops as sustenance until her rescue.

Can you imagine surviving five days in the wilderness with only wine and lollipops? That's precisely what happened to a 48-year-old woman named Lilian in a remote area of southeast Australia. Her story is both astonishing and a reminder to always be prepared for the unexpected, especially when traveling alone.

Lilian had planned a short vacation in the picturesque town of Bright. However, when she didn't check in with her loved ones on April 30, they grew concerned and alerted the authorities. An extensive search began, involving emergency services and police scouring the areas of Mitta Mitta, Wodonga, Bright, and Albury.

After five days of searching, the rescue team finally found her stranded at the end of a dirt road in the Mitta Mitta bushland. Her car had become stuck in mud after she took a wrong turn while attempting to reach Dartmouth Dam. With no cellphone reception and nearly 40 miles from the nearest town, Lilian had to rely on her resourcefulness and adaptability.

She had packed a few snacks and lollipops for her trip, which became her sustenance during her unexpected ordeal. The only liquid she had was a bottle of wine, originally intended as a gift for her mother. Despite not being a drinker, Lilian used the wine to stay hydrated, showing the importance of making the best of available resources in survival situations.

Throughout the five days, Lilian had the presence of mind to stay with her car, using the heater overnight for warmth. This decision not only made it easier for rescuers to find her, but also helped her conserve energy.

Thankfully, the rescue team found Lilian in good health, albeit dehydrated. She was taken to the hospital for observation and is expected to make a full recovery.

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