COMEBACK: Lindsay Lohan Returns to You & Your Teens' Screen in Netflix's 'Falling for Christmas'

Lohan returns after near-decade hiatus in new Netflix holiday rom-com

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Yes, you read the title correctly.

Lindsay Lohan is coming out of the shadows and appearing in her first film in almost 10 YEARS, starring as Sierra Belmont in the Netflix rom-com “Falling for Christmas”.

The once infamous and polarizing star of the 2000’s is back with something a bit more wholesome. Lohan, with strawberry locks and an innocent demeanor, portrays the tale of a woman who suffers a massive skiing accident after being proposed to by her boyfriend. After tumbling down the mountain, she is discovered by what is described as a “blue-collar Prince Charming” and suffers from complete amnesia. After the rescue, the film sets off on its rom-com adventure. You can watch the trailer for the film here, which features quite the Easter egg for you Mean Girls fans out there.

The film is set to debut Nov. 10, perfectly placed right after the end of the Halloween season. Whether or not it puts Lohan back in the perennial spotlight is to be determined, but it’s definitely a movement we can get behind.

Lohan has been out of the Hollywood scene (and America for that matter) for the greater part of the last decade. Following a reckless driving conviction in 2013, she was sentenced to rehab and community service. This was followed by a lengthy stint in Dubai to live abroad, giving her the chance to “find calmness” according to W Magazine.

Regardless, Lohan seems ready to start fresh back in America.

“Christmas has come early this year, and I come bearing gifts”, the star said.

We’ll be ready to unwrap come November.

Photo by Scott Everett White/Netflix/Scott Everett White/Netflix - © 2021 Netflix, Inc.