TikToker Brings Dead Back to Life With "Gravestone Recipes" She Finds in Cemeteries

The viral tiktoker that bakes recipes that she finds in graveyards

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Rosie Grant is NOT your everyday TikToker.


Take one look at her feed and you’ll start to see why. Rosie loves, and I mean LOVES, going to cemeteries. However, visiting them isn’t enough. She likes to dig a bit deeper.


Grant has developed quite the following (over 100k) on TikTok through her historical tales of the deceased and the messages that lie within them. Whether it be the fact that alcohol used to be hidden in hollow gravestones during prohibition, or visiting some of the world’s most historical figures sites, her feed provides endless entertainment for those that love venturing into the depths of the dead. But there’s one thing that has sent Rosie into the spotlight more than ever lately.




Grant has been discovering recipes on the headstones of those that have passed on and giving them a try herself. From blueberry pie to the “world’s greatest meatloaf”, her discoveries have piqued the interest of millions across the platform.

She seems to have started the practice back in January of this year according to the dates on her playlist titled “Gravestone Recipes”. However, she hadn’t visited one of these graves physically until July, when she made the recipe for Spritz Cookies from a woman named Naomi. Grant jokingly states in the post that it’s “A recipe to die for 👍🏽”.


In a featured piece she wrote for The Guardian, Grant states that her grandmother died from Covid, and that making the recipes sparked the memories of a special yellow cake that she would make for her grandchildren for their birthdays.


“It’s nice to think about the recipes that hold a similar significance for other families”, she says.


Grant’s feed is a great follow for anyone interested in learning one-off facts and quirky traits of cemeteries across the country. The aspiring archivist is full of information and passion, and is very interactive with her audience.


For more on Rosie, be sure to give her a follow on TikTok, and let us know if you plan on trying any of these spiritual baking recipes!