Channeling Betty White: A Toddler's Viral Tribute to 'The Golden Girls'

In a delightful blend of nostalgia and modern-day social media charm, 20-month-old Evelyn Mae Mathas has taken TikTok by storm with her “Golden Girls”-inspired hairstyle, channeling the iconic looks of Betty White and her co-stars. This viral sensation was sparked by a family of hairstylists: Autumn Mathas, Evelyn’s mother, and Trina King, her grandmother. With their expertise, they transformed Evelyn’s abundant locks using a traditional “wet set” technique, leading to a fluffy, bouffant style reminiscent of the beloved characters from the 1980s sitcom.

The initial video of Evelyn, posted on her grandmother’s TikTok account @lileviemae, not only showcased her impressive hairstyle but also included the “Golden Girls” theme song, further solidifying the homage to the show. This post, among others, quickly gathered millions of views and thousands of likes, turning Evelyn into a rising TikTok star at just a year old.

The playful and heartwarming content has sparked a significant reaction from the TikTok community, with users leaving comments filled with humor and admiration. Some joked about Evelyn’s mature appearance brought on by her hairstyle, suggesting she could sell Mary Kay products or even organize a church potluck. Others imagined her teaching bingo in the late ’80s or running for a third term as chairwoman of the local Board of Realtors, highlighting the fun and creative engagement from the audience.

Autumn Mathas, despite never having watched “The Golden Girls,” finds herself enveloped in conversations about the show, thanks to her daughter’s newfound fame. The viral success was unexpected but has brought joy not only to Evelyn’s family but also to the countless viewers who have found happiness in the videos.

The process of achieving such a distinctive look involves ensuring Evelyn is in a good mood, with a full belly and after a nap, according to her grandmother Trina. It’s a testament to the dedication and love the family puts into these viral moments, which resonate with fans of all ages, celebrating the enduring appeal of “The Golden Girls” while introducing it to a new generation in a unique and adorable way.